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Bajaj Kristal DTSi: New scooter from Bajaj

BajajBajaj Auto has launched Bajaj Kristal DTSi, its new scooter for the young traveller. The four-stroke Bajaj Kristal is ungeared and boasts a 95-cc engine. The price of Bajaj Kristal has been set at Rs 35,417 in Chennai. See Kristal DTSi photo alongside.

Bajaj has targeted the young age group of 16-25 with its new gearless scooter Kristal. The Kristal comes with patented DTSi technology, the same that powers the Pulsar. Bajaj is hoping to sell at least 10,000 Kristal scoterettes every month. The Bajaj Kristal marks the two-wheeler maker's comeback to the scooter segment, which it had left some time back. The scooterette also has a spring-in suspension technology.

The company claims that Bajaj Kristal has been fitted with Exhaustec technology for better pick-up and less pollution. Bajaj has set its eyes firmly on the college-going market with the Kristal launch. The scooter will be available in red, black, blue and silver colors. The ungeared scooter segment makes for just 10% in the two-wheeler market. Bajaj is targetting the bottom of the pyramid with its Kristal scooter.

Almost 85% of the two-wheeler sales happen in the motorcycle market, which is led by Hero Honda. Bajaj is a close No.2 in this market. This is a far cry from the days when Bajaj was known as a scooter maker. The company has undergone a major product and branding rehaul to be reborn as a bike maker.
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The Bajaj Kristal DTSi is pegged as India's first ungeared scooter with front fuelling, side stand alarm, long-life battery and automatic lamp feartures. The fuel tank can hold 4.5 litres of petrol. With a four-speed transmission, the Bajaj Kristal can reach a top speed of 120 kmph.

Bajaj is also readying to launch a scooter called Bajaj Blade, which is expected to be out in the market in six months. The Bajaj Blade is pegged as a light sports scooter. Blade will be the first sports scooter in India.

Bajaj has previously launched Safire, Sunny, Sunny Spice and the Wave DTS-i in the scooter segment. Safire brought in the maximum volumes for Bajaj. However, none of these scooters have been able to break into the scooter market dominated by Honda's Activa. The only competition in the scooter market for Activa has been from Hero Honda Pleasure. This, despite the fact the Hero Honda has never been scooter player.

The Bajaj Kristal looks aerodynamic, with sharp contours and lines. vertically oriented turn signals, and the Bajaj and Kristal logos are proment on the front end. The thoughtfully made matt-black plastic side panels on the side can save you from a few scratches.

The simple and elegant instrument cluster features a fuel gauge, speedometer, indicators for the side-stand, turn lights & high-beam and analog distance counter.

Bajaj Kristal DTSi tech specs:

Transmission : Four-speed
Engine Displacement : 100 cc
Tachometer : No
Max Power : 7.3 bhp@5400 rpm
Wheel base : 1,370mm
Clearance : 140mm
Ignition : Coil ignition
Dry Weight : 163kg
Fuel tank Capacity : 4.5itres
Battery : 12V
F/R suspension : Telescopic hydraulic absorbers
R/R suspension : Pivoted fork with Absorbers
Max Speed : 120kph
Front Tyre size : 3.25x19"
Rear Tyre size : 3.50x19"

Meanwhile, Bajaj Auto increased its market share in the motorcycle market from 31% to 34% in the third quarter of 2006-2007. Profit after tax at Rs 3.4 billion is the largest ever recorded by the company. This is 23% higher than the profit recorded in the previous corresponding quarter. The company has outperformed the industry growth rate of 13%. In the quarter, the Bajaj Platina clocked sales of over 500,000 units within 8 months of April launch. Bajaj Discover sales crossed one million in November 2006. The new upgrades of Bajaj Pulsar DTS-i twins were introduced in December 2006. Both the products have been well received and have raised the
bar in the “premium� segment. Bajaj Auto will shortly launch the all-new Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi, which will further consolidate Bajaj Auto’s dominance in the segment.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New yamaha Mio 2009

Yamaha Indonesia prepare a new weapon for in love ones with the motorIndonesia of engine have of it produced which direlease by Yamaha Indonesia in 2009.

I owe akui. New design yamaha mio MX 2009 which is million. fresher than the million sporting impression 2008 of mengusung. With before body similar to R-1 to make consumers faithful and to make the teruz Yamaha dominate the skutik of segment. without counting that the engine, with a type of body such as this new million first of all envisaged by the username Australia. particularly the young people who have the enthusiasm raised on the products and sportsman.

In the near future this can launching the products of Yamaha this. because what? . So only ZR of Vega employed to fight acuity Yamaha of blade rather submitted to the rival the blade is then. the sio of new the million will launch close relation-are closed with the acuity of the blade. the scale of price can be 12-14 million-year on the road. thus. particularly with the new fresh glance a matic more million of will be the king of India

2009 Yamaha Black X-Max

2009 Yamaha Black X-Max

Useless and the success of free space X-Maximum of Yamaha. Consequently, the reduction of three tuning forks of companies limited Black X-Maximum called by version. The sight is still full and the strong tubular reinforcement of lattice and all the features are those of the original model. Small new accounts because of raising.

Indeed, the devices blacks Maximum-X new Yamaha Black X-Max a new practice and the assimilated carbon black, indicates the principal graphs on the wheel and the 15 before and the 16 professionals on the back. The instrument panel of Digitals holds a red bottom so that principal technology. The purists will note the achievement of the symbol 3D of the Japanese manufacturers.

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The Toyotron Hunter Electric Motorcycle

REVISED July 31, 2008 Given the reluctance of the big four Japanese motorcycle manufacturers to sacrifice their existing markets by introducing electric motorcycles, the window of opportunity for small and innovative manufacturers to work with the Chinese manufacturing powerhouse to create pollution-free motorcycles that run at negligible cost is wide open. A new electric-only motorcycle manufacturer hit the scene this month in Thailand, moving the country ahead of many first world countries in the quest for sustainable transport. It borrows quite a bit from what has been before, but it looks the goods.

Toyotron is a new Thai company with three electric motorcycles in its range and plans to add two more in the very near future. Now we're not suggesting for a moment that the name has any relationship to that other well known brand which sells more motor vehicles than Ford and General Motors, but ... well, check out the company's logo.

Apart from the name and logo, the company's range topping Hunter is not exactly an original concept either - when I saw it in a motorcycle shop in Thailand, I was very impressed with the integrity of design and the styling and functionality of the entire package. It seemed original, but within a few hours of posting the story, a reader alerted us to the similarity to Honda's Big Ruckus, which had not sold in the motorcycle markets I was familiar with. Since we posted the story a few hours ago, we've now added pics of Honda's Big Ruckus in the gallery section and the Toyotron Hunter is as similar to Honda's Big Ruckus as the logo and name is to that of Toyota.

No, it doesn't have a 250 gas-burning engine but everything else about the machine is somewhere between similar and ... well, you decide by looking at the pics.

The top-of-the-range Hunter is selling in Thailand for THB 59,000 (about US$1750) and can run around 70 kilometres on a single charge from a standard power outlet – the company claims that the cost to drive the Hunter a kilometre is approximately seven satang (that’s one hundredth of a Thai Baht) based on Thai electricity rates and that comes in at a staggering one fifth of a United States cent. While we’re not sure about that claim, its clearly ridiculously cheap to run wherever you might be and whatever you get charged for your electricity.

The Hunter has a top speed of around 70 kmh (43 mph) which is more than fast enough for Thailand in general and Bangkok in particular, where speeds rarely exceed 60 kmh anywhere but the expressway.

Whatsmore, Thailand could well leverage its massive motorcycle marketplace (currently 900,000 motorcycles are sold each year) to develop a very profitable home-grown industry.

The motorcycles are produced in the Bangkok Free Trade Zone with more than 40 per cent local components, with the remaining 60 percent of the motorcycles produced China and Japan. The aim is to increase the local content of the bikes over time, with production ramping up for export within 12 months.

The company intends adding two more bikes with greater range and higher top speed in the near future and further innovative luggage-carrying capacity can be expected with the new machinery.

The bike looks the goods, but as we pointed out in our article on Maxtra and the way the Japanese, then Korean, then Chinese manufacturing industries have flaunted Intellectual Property laws in their initial stages, it appears the budding Thai motorcycle industry is to go a similar route, and this may seriously inhibit it's abilities to export.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Kata Pengantar

terima kasih buat allah SWT yang telah memberi saya sedikit waktu untuk hidup dan memberi kehidupan yang lebih baik, terima kasih pula untuk teman-teman saya yang telah membantu saya dalam menghadirkan blog ini semoga dengan adanya blog ini dapat memberi kontribusi kepada saya dan kalian semua, amin.
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